Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Instagram Aesthetics

Recently I've been obsessed with improving the aesthetics of my Instagram page, making sure every image is edited the same and contains white around the outside of the image so that every photo blends together when viewing all images together...

This is something I have been doing as a hobby (although it does make taking pictures a lot more complicated knowing you have a brief to stick too!) but there are some accounts that do this so much better than me and in different ways!

Some of my fave bloggers/brands have the perfect inspiration Instagram pages and I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.
Here's where I am currently at with my theme, I'm quite happy with it at the moment and can't wait to add more pics!

First up on my list of favourites is @katyluise - her profile is the 'go to' if you are looking for a crisp, white theme! I love the fact that every image is bright and clean. This also means that when she takes an outfit shot, the colours of the clothes stand out adding extra definition to her images!

Next is a fashion blogger who's Instagram page is equally as gorgeous - @silhouetteofstyle.
Jade, who also has a blog you can read here, shares the same love of bright, white images as I do! She has a really clean aesthetic with beautifully taken outfit pics and quotes dotted in there occasionally!

Next up is the first brand on the list, @ameliabyamelia. They are a swimwear company making urban, neutral coloured bikinis and one piece swim suits perfect for those beach selfies!

Stepping away from clothing and into the world of makeup, let's talk about the queen of quirky looks, @lindahallbergs.
Linda is my absolute makeup goals! She posts new looks everyday from basic, stripped back everyday looks to glitter/sequin glam you could only dream of!

I hope some of these posts give you some inspiration on how to restyle your Instagram or even some outfit/makeup ideas!
Give the above accounts a follow and let me know if you follow anyone you think I should check out!

Shona x

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