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Zoeva Brush Haul

It seems like I have been going crazy for brushes recently and I just can't seem to stop buying into brands I haven't tried before just to see what all the fuss is about...

I had heard a lot about Zoeva before trying any of their products and I had been impressed by the high end look of their packaging from what I had seen in other peoples pictures, but what I liked the most was their super reasonable pricing! Every girl loves a good bargain right?!

I went online and filled my basket and despite the rather large shipping cost (this is just standard for where I live) I placed my order with the hope I would love the brand just as much as everyone else had been.

I decided on which brushes I wanted mainly from the gaps I thought I had in my own collection, I then went off of other peoples blog reviews to determine which other brushes I would purchase, this is mainly because I have no self restraint but I'll blame it on wanting to be able to give an accurate review on all the brushes and not just base my opinion on one or two.

What I love about the Zoeva website is that they even have a really well put together 'Brush Guide' giving all the information you need about the professional brushes, this obviously didn't help then it came to whittling down to my favourites as I just bought them all.

106 Powder Brush - GBP £11.00

The first brush I put into my basket was this all over face powder brush. I decided on this as my face powder brushes are probably the ones that I use and abuse the most. They get used so often and lose their shape and softness quite quickly. No matter how much you look after a brush after time it will always start to die (that was unintentionally quite sad, oops!). 
This is such a soft brush with silky bristles that work best with loose powders. I don't think this brush is great at picking up powder from a compact but that's okay, I still love it.

102 Silk Finish Brush - GBP £11.00

This is a domed top foundation brush perfect for buffing in products to get the perfect flawless base. Because the brush is domed and circular it makes buffing in product around trickier areas such as the nose and eyes a lot easier than using a flat top kabuki. This is also great for buffing in cream contour colours if you want a really natural, diffused look.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek - GBP £11.00

I bought this brush because the angled cheek brush I already have is quite scratchy on the skin. This brush is the complete opposite, it is very soft and the bristles pick up the perfect amount of product. I use this with my bronzer and I have found it picks up the product and blends it out perfectly. The angled shape of the brush really helps to create the perfect contoured look even if you're in a rush.

110 Face Shape Brush - GBP £8.50

This brush is like a mini version of the 102 Silk Finish Brush. It has the same domed top and round shape, making it perfect for blending out the areas the 102 is slightly too big for such as under eye concealer. This could also be really great for buffing out a cream contour if you wanted slightly more intense definition, the smaller brush would refine the area the product is being buffed into, keeping the contour strong and in the perfect place.

This is so perfect for buffing concealer into the under eye and on areas you need to correct. I have been using this for buffing in my concealer on the outer corner of my eye to help make my eyeshadow look super sharp and angled on the winged area. This is also really good for buffing concealer into the inner corner of the eye if you suffer from darkness here.

This is a tapered brush perfect for adding definition to the crease area of the eye. It is slightly wider and perfect for diffusing a cut crease. As the name suggests, this brush is super soft. If you love a good smokey eye this will also work well for that as you can seamlessly blend colours together keeping the look super clean and looking professional.

If you look at this brush online it looks as if it is tapered into a point, I was slightly disappointed when my brush arrived it isn't pointed at all. It is tapered but it is more of a domed top. Although it didn't turn up as I expected, this has actually become my favourite brush. It fits into the crease area perfectly and is the ideal density to build colour onto the eye and blend it at the same time. I love this one!

317 Wing Liner Brush - GBP £6.00

Last but not least, in fact this brush is actually the reason I purchased all my brushes from Zoeva. 
I was using my Real Techniques eyebrows brush to do my brows for such a long time but I started to notice it was slightly too big and the bristles were too short, meaning I wasn't able to get my brows how I wanted them. I noticed this brush online, the website describes it as being 'extra fine' and that is exactly what I wanted to help create the perfect angled brow. I don't use this for winged liner as I use a felt tip liner which I just find easier, so I can't tell how good it is for getting your wing right, but it is amazing at getting the brows right!

Let me know if you have tried any of Zoeva's brushes or products, feel free to leave recommendation below on anything you think I should try.

Shona x

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  1. I have this set too and love it - even over a year on I use pretty much all of these every single day :) xx

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