Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Make You Blush

When you think of make up products with 'shocking' names, the first to come to mind is NARS blush in the shade 'Orgasm'! That has got to be the pick of the bunch!

I recently saw a post on Khloe Kardashians website all about products with crazy and funny names. I thought I would reuse some of her suggestions and add some of my own in too, so here goes!

First up is another NARS product (they seem to have filthy minds over there!) Again, this is a blush but this one is called 'Deep Throat'. This shade is described as a flirty peach with shimmer and is gorgeous for adding a flush of colour to the cheeks.

Sticking with NARS, I have found another wonderfully named blush, this time based off of the most iconic shade, this one is called 'Super Orgasm'. This is still a very rosie pink shade blush but this one seems to have a lot more glitter for that 'super' glowing look!

Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' mascara is another favourite and well known product with another wonderfully sexy name!
I have never tried this particular mascara but from everything I have heard and read it is one I really should try and get hold of!

Of course Urban Decay have a whole makeup range called the 'Naked' collection, although this one is not a part of that, it does still have a catching name! This one is a Lipstick called '69'. From the preview on the Urban Decay website this lipstick seems to be a satin finish red slightly on the darker side.

This next product is a more expensive item. It is a Tom Ford lipstick in the shade 'First Time'. This is a really gorgeous soft pink pout perfect for an understated but plump pout! Worn by Khloe K in her post I mentioned above!

Essie are also a brand that have no problems in creating risqué names for their products. First up is the nail polish in the shade 'After Sex'. This is a very radiant burgundy colour with very metallic finish and loads shimmer. I am a big fan of this shade around the festive season!

Soap & Glory are known for their quirky product names based on great puns and their fun and colourful packaging and the next product has to be a favourite from the bunch! It is called 'Glow Job' and as the name might suggest to some (those with the more innocent minds) it is a sun kissed tinted moisturiser with beads that release colour when blended into the skin. This is something I definitely need to pick up!

Let me know if you have tried any of these wonderful products with names to make you blush and feel free to leave suggestions of any other products you think could have made it onto my list!

Shona x

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Perfect Nude Nail

As someone who is constantly redoing their nails it's a surprise I haven't already done a blog post like this!

I have ventured into acrylics, gels and stick on nails and I have my pros and cons of all of them but the one thing that has remained the same no matter what shape or size my nail was, is the colour I like them to be painted!

I am a real sucker for neutral nail colours and any colour as long as it sits under the spectrum of nude is a colour I want to try. There are times throughout the year when my nails aren't painted a nude colour but that is normally only if I go on a summer holiday or it's Christmas time, otherwise you know what colour will be on my claws!

I want to share some of my current and long term favourites with you so you can also become apart of the nude crew!

Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Colour in Rose Poudré is a current favourite polish. The colour is a really pretty dusky beige rose that looks slightly more nude in some lights and slightly more brown toned in others. But whichever light you look at in, it's still gorgeous. 
The polish dries really quickly and stays on well, I wore mine on my false nails for around 10 days before I got any chips in it. The gel finish effect is also very impressive as the polish looks really shiny once it's dry. This is such a great purchase and it also super affordable!

Essie Nail Varnish in Spin the Bottle is next up on my list. Everyone and anyone raves about Essie and for a long time I just couldn't allow myself to spend that much on one bottle of nail varnish. Essie polishes aren't exactly expensive but in comparison to some of the high street brands they are more on the pricey side.
After biting the bullet and purchasing an Essie polish, I now have a real understanding of why they are a little more expensive. The formula of the polish is amazing, they don't chip, they dry quickly and the best bit... they come with a wide brush for an easier application.
The colour is gorgeous, it is much paler than the Maybelline polish and is much more of a true nude tone. I think it looks amazing with a tan but I wear it all the time anyway!

Champneys Luxury Nail Polish in Champagne is also a current favourite. 
Sometimes I want to add a little something to my nails but still want them to be nude. If that's the case I will add this Champneys polish over the top of another nude polish I have mentioned. 
I wouldn't wear this colour alone as it is very sheer and doesn't have much colour payoff other than the reflective glitter but that is the best bit about it.
I am currently wearing this over the above Essie polish and it looks so good!

Max Factor Infinity Nail Polish in Boji is a limited edition nail colour. Although I don't think it is still available, I wanted to share it with you still as Max Factor do loads of gorgeous nude shades such as this one here
Boji is a beautiful grey toned brown colour that looks great on any nail length. I love doing this colour with a coppery glitter accent nail to give it a pop. There are similar colours to Boji in shops such as Boots & Superdrug so I am sure you would be able to find something like this!

Technic Nail Varnish is the last polish on my list and is also quite a difficult one to get hold of. I got this in a gift set of makeup a friend gave me for Christmas. Technic makeup is often not the best, but every now and then you find a gem, just like with most really affordable brands there is always one that you'll keep in your collection. 
This polish doesn't have a name or a number but it was the only nude in the set and is very similar to the colour of the Max Factor one above. I would say the Technic colour is more of a true brown as apposed to the grey tones in Boji.
This is a colour I would go to if I am wearing a really plain outfit and want my nails to be noticed whilst still staying within my colour wheel of neutral. Again, the staying power is amazing with it being worn for over a week without any chips!!

So now you know what colours I go to on a regular basis, and in case it wasn't obvious enough all my favourites are nude tones! There are so many amazing 'nail goals' Instagram pics and thousands of colours to try out so I don't doubt I'll have another similar post soon.

Let me know if you would like to see a post on how I do my own false nails and of course let me know if you have tried any of these polishes. You can also leave me suggestions in the comments of colours you think I need to try out!

Shona x

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

NARS vs Jemma Kidd

A massive part of my makeup routine when doing a full glam look is sculpting and contouring my face. There are so many brushes and tools out there to help achieve the dream look. I have 2 brushes that I have used over the last few months that I want to share with you.

When the whole contouring trend came about I already owned my Jemma Kidd retractable cheek brush which at the time the inexperienced me, used to pack on the bright pink blush.
Now, a little further down the line and many beauty mistakes later, I now think I have moved onto bigger and better things in the shape of the NARS kabuki brush.


Personally, I think the NARS kabuki brush is one of the best looking brushes I have ever seen. The brush is all black and to make it even better it is all matte black. This brush is what I would expect to see if an Instagram inspiration page created a beauty range.

I am not a fan of the Jemma Kidd design. Although I like the practicality of the retractable quality it isn't great to look at but lets be honest we don't buy brushes to look at them (except for the NARS one!)

The NARS kabuki brush definitely wins on looks!

Brush Quality

I don't have any complaints about the quality of either brushes. Although they are designed for a similar purpose, they both do very different things which I don't necessarily think is a bad thing.

The Jemma Kidd brush is very good at picking up product and it does apply the pigment very heavily onto the skin. The brush itself is very densely packed and tapered into a a half moon domed top. 
I have found this brush is much better when applying product lightly and building up the intensity rather than trying to achieve the end look too quickly which often creates a muddy look on the cheekbones. I definitely recommend this brush for pressed pigment product rather than loose pigments.

The NARS brush is designed to give a very strong, sculpted look along the cheekbones. The bristles on this brush are very soft and very sparsely set in the head of the brush. This makes the application of product super easy as it used the fluffy design to buff product into the skin whether you are using a pressed or loose pigment. Again, the NARS brush comes out on top.


Neither brush is very big, however the fact that the Jemma Kidd brush retracts gives it a heads up in this area.

Although both brushes are very thin, the NARS brush has a very wide handle. This could make it difficult for some people to use it, personally I like this as I find it actually helps to get the product into the exact sharp shape you need as the way the brush sits in your hand helps you hold it in the correct position.

In terms of travelling, I would say the Jemma Kidd brush wins due to the practicality and the fact that it is much smaller than the NARS option.


I was hoping to do a section on price and judge the brushes based on their retail prices however I couldn't find a link to the Jemma Kidd brush anywhere. The NARS brush is very expensive so based off of that I can't imagine the Jemma Kidd brush being more than the crazy asking price of NARS.

Based on all the points above, I would have to say the NARS kabuki brush wins this war. I love both brushes and both have served me well over the time I have been contouring but I upgraded my brush for a reason and I definitely think the NARS kabuki is the better brush for achieving the look I want.

Let me know what you think and if you have either of these brushes or feel free to recommend anything you think I should try out.

Shona x


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Zoeva Brush Haul

It seems like I have been going crazy for brushes recently and I just can't seem to stop buying into brands I haven't tried before just to see what all the fuss is about...

I had heard a lot about Zoeva before trying any of their products and I had been impressed by the high end look of their packaging from what I had seen in other peoples pictures, but what I liked the most was their super reasonable pricing! Every girl loves a good bargain right?!

I went online and filled my basket and despite the rather large shipping cost (this is just standard for where I live) I placed my order with the hope I would love the brand just as much as everyone else had been.

I decided on which brushes I wanted mainly from the gaps I thought I had in my own collection, I then went off of other peoples blog reviews to determine which other brushes I would purchase, this is mainly because I have no self restraint but I'll blame it on wanting to be able to give an accurate review on all the brushes and not just base my opinion on one or two.

What I love about the Zoeva website is that they even have a really well put together 'Brush Guide' giving all the information you need about the professional brushes, this obviously didn't help then it came to whittling down to my favourites as I just bought them all.

106 Powder Brush - GBP £11.00

The first brush I put into my basket was this all over face powder brush. I decided on this as my face powder brushes are probably the ones that I use and abuse the most. They get used so often and lose their shape and softness quite quickly. No matter how much you look after a brush after time it will always start to die (that was unintentionally quite sad, oops!). 
This is such a soft brush with silky bristles that work best with loose powders. I don't think this brush is great at picking up powder from a compact but that's okay, I still love it.

102 Silk Finish Brush - GBP £11.00

This is a domed top foundation brush perfect for buffing in products to get the perfect flawless base. Because the brush is domed and circular it makes buffing in product around trickier areas such as the nose and eyes a lot easier than using a flat top kabuki. This is also great for buffing in cream contour colours if you want a really natural, diffused look.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek - GBP £11.00

I bought this brush because the angled cheek brush I already have is quite scratchy on the skin. This brush is the complete opposite, it is very soft and the bristles pick up the perfect amount of product. I use this with my bronzer and I have found it picks up the product and blends it out perfectly. The angled shape of the brush really helps to create the perfect contoured look even if you're in a rush.

110 Face Shape Brush - GBP £8.50

This brush is like a mini version of the 102 Silk Finish Brush. It has the same domed top and round shape, making it perfect for blending out the areas the 102 is slightly too big for such as under eye concealer. This could also be really great for buffing out a cream contour if you wanted slightly more intense definition, the smaller brush would refine the area the product is being buffed into, keeping the contour strong and in the perfect place.

This is so perfect for buffing concealer into the under eye and on areas you need to correct. I have been using this for buffing in my concealer on the outer corner of my eye to help make my eyeshadow look super sharp and angled on the winged area. This is also really good for buffing concealer into the inner corner of the eye if you suffer from darkness here.

This is a tapered brush perfect for adding definition to the crease area of the eye. It is slightly wider and perfect for diffusing a cut crease. As the name suggests, this brush is super soft. If you love a good smokey eye this will also work well for that as you can seamlessly blend colours together keeping the look super clean and looking professional.

If you look at this brush online it looks as if it is tapered into a point, I was slightly disappointed when my brush arrived it isn't pointed at all. It is tapered but it is more of a domed top. Although it didn't turn up as I expected, this has actually become my favourite brush. It fits into the crease area perfectly and is the ideal density to build colour onto the eye and blend it at the same time. I love this one!

317 Wing Liner Brush - GBP £6.00

Last but not least, in fact this brush is actually the reason I purchased all my brushes from Zoeva. 
I was using my Real Techniques eyebrows brush to do my brows for such a long time but I started to notice it was slightly too big and the bristles were too short, meaning I wasn't able to get my brows how I wanted them. I noticed this brush online, the website describes it as being 'extra fine' and that is exactly what I wanted to help create the perfect angled brow. I don't use this for winged liner as I use a felt tip liner which I just find easier, so I can't tell how good it is for getting your wing right, but it is amazing at getting the brows right!

Let me know if you have tried any of Zoeva's brushes or products, feel free to leave recommendation below on anything you think I should try.

Shona x
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