Thursday, 25 February 2016

Sigma Brush Haul

It's no secret that Sigma makeup brushes are up there with some of the best in the industry. Every blogger and vlogger has them and I decided to join the parade!

As I live in the UK, it was difficult to find somewhere that would deliver to me for a price I was happy with. In the end, I managed to get my brushes off of eBay, all brand new and unused and for a much lower postage cost than the beauty websites I had been trying.
I would recommend keeping your eye on sites like eBay & Amazon if there is a brand that doesn't deliver to where you live as you will always be able to get something someone is selling on.

My first impressions of the brushes was the quality of the materials used on them and in particular the length of the handles. That isn't something I had thought about previously when buying new brushes however, this actually makes applying your makeup a lot easier, the further away from the brush head you hold it, the lighter the application of the makeup meaning your brushes automatically become much more versatile.

This is a flat topped brush head with very soft, densely packed bristles perfect for buffing out foundation for a seamless finish to your base.
My brush did arrive with a few stray bristles poking out the top of the flat head, but this isn't an issue as they can just be trimmed off.
The dense bristles help the brush to work the product into the skin without absorbing it, meaning the amount of product you apply is the amount that stays on the skin. This brush works best on flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks rather than working on intricate areas like around the nose.

This is a best selling brush, perfect for buffing cream and liquid products into the areas that the flat kabuki can't quite get into. This brush is perfect for buffing out under eye concealer or even defusing cream contours on the cheek bones. 
This brush is slightly softer than the flat kabuki purely because of the tapered cut of the bristles.

Again this is a top seller and the F35 is my favourite brush from my haul. I had been using a brush for my highlight that wasn't quite right for a long time so I knew I would appreciate this one when it arrived! It is the perfect shape for gliding along the tops of the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. The soft bristles push the highlighter onto the skin with the perfect dusting of product, allowing a subtle everyday glow or pushing firmer for that Hollywood glam!

This is the brush I have had the most bristle loss from so far. Although it hasn't been a lot, it has been the only one I have noticed loosing bristles. 
The brush has a dense domed head perfect for an all over lid application. I personally think this brush works best for applying lighter, matte shades as an eyelid base rather than darker shades or glitters.

This is a super soft, fluffy brush perfect for blending out crease colours. Softening harsh lines is the key to making any eye look professional. I use this brush in a sweeping motion back and forth, alternating between that and circular blending motions helps to perfect the darker colours in the crease.

This brush is slimmer and slightly firmer than a regular blending brush making it perfect for softening harsh lines and edges as well as blending together multiple colours on the lids. I wouldn't recommend this brush alone for the crease as I don't think it has the same defusing ability as the E40 but it is great for tackling the darker outer corners of a smokey eye or even as part of the softening of a cut crease.

This is the only brush that came in a slightly disappointing condition, the writing on the handle of the brush had started to wear off making it difficult to read the brush name and number. The Sigma branding on the brush has also started to wear off. Apart from that, it is another great brush perfect for adding definition to the lower lash line or even for adding in a cut crease. It is perfectly sized for getting into smaller areas and applying detail where needed.

So far I have been really impressed with the quality of the Sigma brushes and I now see what all the hype is about! They work in the same way as all my current brushes but for some reason they seem to do much more. They feel professional and the application is easy, giving gorgeous results. They are not the cheapest brushes on the market, but I have always said I would rather splash my money on my tools rather than products as you can make a low cost product look fabulous with a good quality brush.

Let me know if you have tried any of the brushes mentioned or if you have any recommendations of other brushes I should try!

Shona x

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Beauty Lover Tag

First of all I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day, secondly, I must apologise for my lack of blog posts recently! I've been very busy and have had to take some time away from blogging for a while to manage everything else in life but I'm back now!

I didn't have any ideas for this post, so I was scrolling through Bloglovin' looking for inspiration and I came across this post by Faith who runs the blog That's Just Fabulous.
Although she didn't directly tag me in the post, she did invite everyone to give it a go and seeing as I am a beauty fanatic I thought I would... So lets get started!

Love this image by
If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?
I am such a massive makeup fan that this is automatically a very difficult question for me. I follow so many make up artists on Instagram and my favourite changes all the time depending on which looks they do. Someone who I have been obsessed with for so long is Mario Dedivanovic. He is one of Kim Kardashians makeup artists and always creates the most gorgeous, dewy, hollywood glam looks. I would love to see what look he would do on me!

What's your top makeup tip?
100% keep your brushes clean. Mucky brushes make the application process sooo much harder! Nobody likes the streaky wet paint look!

What one makeup item could you not live without?
I had to think about this one for a while. My initial thought was mascara, but then after a while I started to think smart. If I could only use one makeup item it would be concealer. I would use that to perfect my skin and I would rely on lash tinting to open up my eyes, (which I am saying isn't a makeup item) getting rid of the mascara and keeping the best of both worlds!

What one skincare item could you not live without?
I would say the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I don't know if that is cheating, because it is super multi purpose but it is still one product! I would use it all over my face, neck and most importantly for me, my lips!

What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?
I would say over my time applying makeup, I have practiced enough to be able to confidently say I am quite good at it all. However, the one thing I often get frustrated with is mascara. This is because I don't have much patience so I like to pack it on a quickly as possible, meaning I often get it on my eyelids! Nightmare!

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?
I hate it when the pump in the foundation doesn't reach far enough down inside the bottle to get the last inch of foundation and instead it spits out a pathetic amount even when you know the bottle isn't empty! This happens to me with lip gloss/liquid lips too! ARGH!

What's your favourite makeup era?
Currently I think it would have to be the 90's! There is such a huge revival of the 90's at the moment and I am in love with bold lip liner, brown lips and pretty much everything else as long as it's earth toned.

What's your guilty pleasure product?
I think guilty pleasure is something you're meant to be embarrassed about using right?! I don't really have anything that I'm embarrassed of. No matter how unusual the product I use is, I always love sharing it with everyone and handing out my tips!

What's your underdog product?
I have recently started using the Nivea for Men Post Shave Balm - raved about by Nikkie Tutuorials on Youtube! I was hesitant to try it because I wasn't sure how much it could really do, but it has surprised me, I love it!

What's your favourite makeup product of 2015?
This is such a difficult question! That's a whole year of new products! I would probably have to say my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, purely because it was my first Naked palette and it really lives up to the hype.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's a bit different from what I normally do. I would love you all to do this post too and make sure to tag me in it so I can read it!

Shona x
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