Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Alternative Vision | 1

One of my favourite things to do is browse through Tumblr and Pinterest finding images that I can use as a source of inspiration when planning outfits and buying new items of clothing.

I have recently changed my style quite dramatically and finally found the confidence to wear some of the looks I always wanted to! I've learnt what I like and I've mastered the art of shopping for pieces I know I will wear rather than buying something because it was on sale or because someone else likes it.

I now rely quite heavily on fashion bloggers/Instagram celebs who pull of the style I love for outfit inspo and also for finding new online shops I had never heard of before! 

Don't get me wrong, I still love picking up essentials from my highstreet faves but long gone are the multiple Primark and New Look trips where I would splurge all my money on things just because they were cheap, I now focus on more expensive one off pieces that I can style and re-style that won't fall apart after the first wash!

I thought I would share this with you in a new feature I want to bring to my blog. Sharing my favourite pictures from the week. Here goes!

Let me know if you like this type of post!

Shona x

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Lovisa Jewellery Haul

As a resident of a tiny island in the English channel, I love stumbling across new shops and brands on my trips over to the UK and abroad...

I spent last weekend visiting friends in Manchester where my friend introduced me to a 'cute little jewellery shop' she found. I'm quite fussy when it comes to my jewellery, I tend to stick to minimal pieces and have recently been loving layering multiple simple items to create something more eye catching but still dainty.

The shop we went into was called Lovisa, which I later searched online and found out they are an online Australian jewellery company with a few shops across England.

As well as simple single chains, I have also been loving experimenting with mixed metals chains and like everyone at the moment, I have been obsessed with chokers!

The first thing I knew I wanted when I walked in was a thin black choker. I already have a black choker but I wanted one that was half the size so that it could be worn with outfits that sometimes a chunky choker just doesn't go with!


Next up was another choker but this time a really thin black suede string. I have seen these on celebrities such as Kendall & Kourtney and thought they looked so cute!

I wouldn't tie it in a bow like it is in the picture, instead I think I'll wrap it around my neck and leave the 2 strings dangling down either side. This would look really cute with a low cut white shirt, especially for work! It can be hard to make your work outfits stylish, especially if it's office wear!


Sticking with chokers, the next piece I picked up was a mixed metal, double chain choker. 

This one is super subtle but the mixed metals add something extra that would finish off an outfit perfectly. I think this would be so cute with an all black outfit.

The other good thing about this is that you can then accessorise with either silver or gold in other places, meaning you have more options for all your outfits!


Finally, I picked up this really cute double layered gold chain. This combines a thin gold choker and a dainty gold chain that falls lower. It has a really simple yet structured look that I love!

This is probably my favourite piece I bought because it is just so different and like nothing I already have. I think this choker/chain combo would look so cute with any strapless look or even with a strappy bodycon dress and minimal accessories everywhere else.


Unfortunately, you can't purchase items from Lovisa online but there are stores in Manchester, Bromley, Brighton and Leeds. If you are ever in any of these places, make sure you pop in and have a look. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Let me know what you think of the pieces I have featured and make sure you let me know if you have discovered any other jewellery shops or boutiques you think I would like! I love hearing from you!

Shona x

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Instagram Aesthetics

Recently I've been obsessed with improving the aesthetics of my Instagram page, making sure every image is edited the same and contains white around the outside of the image so that every photo blends together when viewing all images together...

This is something I have been doing as a hobby (although it does make taking pictures a lot more complicated knowing you have a brief to stick too!) but there are some accounts that do this so much better than me and in different ways!

Some of my fave bloggers/brands have the perfect inspiration Instagram pages and I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.
Here's where I am currently at with my theme, I'm quite happy with it at the moment and can't wait to add more pics!

First up on my list of favourites is @katyluise - her profile is the 'go to' if you are looking for a crisp, white theme! I love the fact that every image is bright and clean. This also means that when she takes an outfit shot, the colours of the clothes stand out adding extra definition to her images!

Next is a fashion blogger who's Instagram page is equally as gorgeous - @silhouetteofstyle.
Jade, who also has a blog you can read here, shares the same love of bright, white images as I do! She has a really clean aesthetic with beautifully taken outfit pics and quotes dotted in there occasionally!

Next up is the first brand on the list, @ameliabyamelia. They are a swimwear company making urban, neutral coloured bikinis and one piece swim suits perfect for those beach selfies!

Stepping away from clothing and into the world of makeup, let's talk about the queen of quirky looks, @lindahallbergs.
Linda is my absolute makeup goals! She posts new looks everyday from basic, stripped back everyday looks to glitter/sequin glam you could only dream of!

I hope some of these posts give you some inspiration on how to restyle your Instagram or even some outfit/makeup ideas!
Give the above accounts a follow and let me know if you follow anyone you think I should check out!

Shona x


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Gallery Magazine // March 16

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in a photo shoot for a local magazine where I live. I've only just received the digital images through and wanted to share them with you all!

Shona x

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Current Skincare Routine

Skincare has always been something I have been strict about. After all, the skin you're in will be with you your whole life, so looking after it is essential.

As much as I enjoy skincare, until a few years back, it wasn't something I was willing to spend much money on. I always thought that a Boots own brand cleanser, toner and moisturiser would suffice but after a while I realised that just wasn't the case.

There are many expensive remedies and treatments out there for a variety of skin types or issues but the key is to make sure you are only purchasing products that are designed for your skin.

The first thing you need to do is work out your skin type. This is where the terms, 'dry, oily, normal or combination' come into play. Heard of those before? Chances are you have as they are on nearly every skin care product.

Personally, I have combination skin. This means my skin is made up of a mixture of the other terms. I have normal skin on my forehead and cheeks, I have oily skin around my nose and on my chin and I have dry skin under my eyes and along the bridge of my nose. 
As complicated as this sounds, knowing this information and knowing what each section of your skin needs is the first step to improving your skincare regime.

In this post I won't be mentioning masks as this isn't something I do on a regular basis. I probably should, but at the moment I only use a mask when I need to!
Because I have combination skin, it means when I want to use a mask I normally have to use a combination of masks to fit my differing skin types. I'm currently loving the new L'Oreal Pure Clay masks which you can see here.

Aside from masks, I do have quite a strict routine that I don't like to change up too often. I'm a big fan of finding a product that works for you and using it until you see results. If after you finish the product the results are still there (or even improving further) I repurchase the product rather than try out something new! Why fix what's not broken right?!

At the moment, my routine looks something like this:

Once I have taken off any eye makeup using a Boots Moisturising wipes (didn't have a pack handy to show you) I then use a cotton pad along with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove any face makeup and to just give my skin a general clean.
The next step is to exfoliate. This is not a step I do every night, this is something I do 1-2 a week depending on how often I feel my skin needs it. For this, I use the Kiko Scrub & Peel Face Wipes. These are quite harsh so be gentle with them! These wipes are also a favourite of Kim Kardashian so they have to be good right!

On days when I don't use my exfoliating wipes I either use Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Face Pads or my Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads.
I love both of these products and like to rotate between them as I know they work for me on different days depending on how my skin is acting on that particular day. These are also a lot gentler on the skin for everyday use than the Kiko wipes.
Once you have completely cleaned the skin, the next step is to use a toner to restore the ph balance in the skin that scrubbing and cleansing can adjust. For this, I use the Lancome Tonique Douceur which can be used on all skin types including any sensitive areas of the skin. 

Next, I like to add some moisture back into the skin. I am currently using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion as I received this as a tester and have been loving it!
This moisturiser is super watery but not oily at all which means it can be used on my skin without affecting any area in a negative way. The only place I don't use this is under my eyes.

For my under eyes I like to use a soft eye cream to help reduces puffiness and dark circles as well as keep the area moisturised. For this, I like to use the Clinique All About Eyes as it has a really silicone-like feeling which feels as if it is putting the elasticity back into my skin. It also works to add moisture into the darker circles and reduce the discolouration.

Finally, I like to take care of my lips. I can get quite dry lips and it's not something I like, especially as I wear liquid lipsticks most days. After trying so many different serums and creams with no luck, I decided to try the Clarins Honey Lip Oil and I haven't looked back since!
At first I wasn't sure as it is very thick and feels quite gloopy but after it has warmed up on the lips, it soaks right in and leaves the lips super shiny and soft.
This also comes in a pink and a red but the Honey version is a clear one which I prefer.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know what your skincare routine looks like or if you use any products you couldn't live without!

Shona x

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wish List | July

I recently bought myself some Yeezy inspired khaki Lycra heels from Solewish - find them here and they inspired me to do a fashion post for you all.

Over the last few weeks I have been finding so many cute pieces online that I wanted to share with you, I hope you enjoy!

Shona x

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

NYX Haul & First Impressions

Now that NYX is available in Boots, it means us UK makeup lovers can delight in budget beauty heaven like our American neighbours have been for the longest time. Cue excited beauty bloggers everywhere...

Now I'm aware that NYX now being stocked in Boots means there is going to be tons of posts on this brand and probably these products, but I couldn't resist putting this up!

I was a little bit late to the party and by the time I went to splurge, the most talked about products had already been snatched up so I decided to pick up a few things that interested me and that I wanted to try out for myself.

First up, I got the NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer (annoyingly, Boots don't have a lot of the products listed online so I have had to link to the American NYX website, sorry!)

I had heard this mentioned in a few tutorials so wanted to give it a go for myself. When I tried it out, I can't lie, I was disappointed! Mine was super watery and even after shaking the tube for a while all I could get out of it was a milky watery liquid which definitely didn't do anything to help the staying power of my makeup.

Now that I have squeezed all the water out of it and shook it up again, I can now use the primer itself. It is super velvety, similar to the feel of the Benefit Porefessional, (which if I'm honest I do prefer) and as much as I haven't noticed my makeup staying on longer, it does give me a really soft base to work products into which I like.

The next thing I picked up was the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray which is something I didn't even know that NYX did! They do a matte finish and a dewy finish version but I wanted to try out the matte one as getting the formula right so that a liquid helps your makeup set matte is tricky! I wanted to really test them!

The first thing I noticed about this is that it smells really chemically when you spray it, which isn't great! Nobody wants a chemical smelling face! Saying that, it did keep my makeup in place and the smell does subside after a little while.

What I did really like about this product was it's size. On it's size alone I would chose to take it with me whenever I travel over something like the Fix+ or Urban Decay setting spray as it takes up hardly any room and does set product nicely. 

Next up is something I heard Nicole Guerrero talking about on YouTube. It's the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils - I got one in the shade 625 Sparkle Nude and one in 609 French Fries.

These are super soft, blendable eye crayons which you can use for so many different things. I mainly use mine either as a shadow base to pack a shadow on top of, or on their own if I want a super quick and easy eye look.

The colour 625 Sparkle Nude is a really soft gold shimmer with silver reflex sparkle in it. I love using this as an all over shadow and then just packing some shimmer into the inner corner for a super easy bright eye.
609 French Fries is another shimmer but this time it is a darker mocha brown with a bronzy shimmer running through it. This is great for using in smoky eyes as you can blend creamy products out so easily.
I want to get these pencils in every colour, I love them!

I had previously tried the NYX HD Concealer that I picked up from ASOS a while back and I loved it but when it ran out I couldn't remember the shade to reorder and didn't have anywhere I could swatch before buying it! 
Finally, I got my hands on it again, this time in the shade CW02 Fair which is a really light bright yellowy tone which I add into my under eye concealer before blending so that I get coverage and highlight under there. 

This has always been a firm favourite and I'm so glad I can now get hold of it so easily!

Last but not least, I picked up the NYX HD Finishing Powder in translucent. This is a very soft powder, perfect for setting the under eye area or brushing out any baking that you might have done.

This powder has a super filmy feeling to it, almost silicony in the hands which feels amazing on the skin and gives a super diffused finish to the foundation. I have been really loving this and would definitely recommend it!
The only thing I would say is be careful not to pack this on heavily under the eye as it can leave a super white cast if you do!

Overall, I think it was a mixed bag of what I was impressed with and what I wasn't so that means I will have to try a few more products out before I can determine what I think of the brand as a whole. This time around, I have definitely found a few gems I know I'll keep using.

Sorry that this post has been super wordy and less visual! I just wanted to give you my opinions and explanations on these products so that you know if you should try them out for yourself. If you do, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Shona x

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Give Me The Glow | Highlighter Haul

If there's something you should know about me, it's that I love highlighter. And seeing as every cosmetics company is bringing out their own glow, it's something I haven't been able to resist!

If you regularly watch beauty YouTubers or read beauty blogs then you must be all too familiar with the 'blogger made me buy it' excuse... Well this post really is a result of that.

I was watching one of Nikkie Tutorials makeup videos on YouTube and she was using the Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette to get her glow! If you watch Nikkie regularly then you'll know she is the queen of highlighter, so without even hesitating, it was in my basket and on it's way to me. 

The palette comes with 4 highlighters; 3 powders and 1 cream product, all of which are super shimmery and light reflecting.

The cream highlighter is called Ecliptic and is a pink, rose gold colour cream product. I have been using this on a beauty blender that has been sprayed with MAC Fix+ to really bring out the highlight and keep it in place all day. I love this technique!

The top right shade is called, Hemisphere, and is a much more unusual highlighter colour. It is a really vibrant, violet/lavender colour with more of a silver undertone. This one I have been using as an inner corner highlight on my eyes when wearing a plum smokey eye. I would wear it on my cheekbones for a more adventurous look rather than everyday.

The bottom left shade is my personal favourite! It's called Subsolar and is a gorgeous pearlescent pale yellow. This one is definitely more of a traditional highlight colour and it gives the most gorgeous glow to the skin. I have been using this shade as my daily highlighter.

Finally, the bottom right is called Equinox. This is an orange/peach tone with a strong gold shimmer. This looks amazing when the skin is slightly more tanned and could even be used on top of your bronzer to create a super dewy/shimmery finish to a summer makeup look.

Top to bottom: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar & Equinox
The next highlighting palette that I picked up was also a result of the 'blogger made me buy it' - this time, it was a blog I came across on the explore page of Bloglovin. I can't remember the blog name, but their review of the Revolution Highlight Palette gave me an instant reflex of spending my money on it and I am so glad that I did.

The palette contains 3 highlighters (3 giant highlighters) that are super pigmented and such gorgeous shades!

The first colour is very similar to Subsolar from the sleek palette but slightly less yellow. This one definitely looks more like a creamy pearl shade when applied to the skin. Again, it has a gorgeous shimmery glow and looks amazing as an everyday highlight applied to the cheekbones, inner corners of the eye, tip of the nose and cupids bow.

The middle colour in the palette is a pink/blush shade that has a peachy/gold shimmer throughout it. I love adding a small bit of this on top of my matte blusher if I want to give it a super shimmery finish. The colour is quite subtle and is perfect to add to a more natural makeup look if you still want to be highlighted.

The last shade is another purple highlight but this isn't as vivid as Hemisphere is the Sleek palette. This one is a much more subtle light lavender and would be much easier to wear with a more casual look. I hadn't seen any purple highlighters until I picked up these 2 palettes so I can't wait to try these out properly!

These colours don't have names but you can see the yellow, pink and purple shades from top to bottom
I have spoken before about being a fan of Revolution as a high street beauty brand doing great things so I knew I would like this palette but I wasn't expecting to like it so much! The colours are great, covering the shades you would need without being excessive and the formula is so nice to work with! 

It feels really soft and easy to blend out and the product sits nicely on the skin, which for a cheaper product is great as there is often issues with the product looking chalky.

I don't think I could chose a favourite between the 2 palettes I have mentioned and as a highlighter fiend, I would suggest you buy both! If you don't want to buy both then I would probably recommend the Sleek palette over the Revolution one as the Sleek palette has a combination of powder and cream and I just think it's more versatile.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know you're favourite highlighter or what you think of the palettes mentioned. I love reading your comments.

Shona x

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Collection

As my blog has grown, so has my collection of makeup. As if I didn't own excessive amounts in the first place, I now have the perfect excuse to buy more...

I did a post a few months back about a Zoeva brush haul and since using those brushes more, I have realised what a great brand Zoeva really are. The quality is amazing and the price is just as good; which gave me more of a reason to purchase some more, this time the Rose Golden Collection.

The Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2 (what a mouthful) comes complete with 12 brushes and a matching rose golden clutch bag to keep the brushes in. All brushes in this set are for the eyes or areas around the eyes, such as concealer or brows. You can also get a Rose Golden face brush collection, but my personal makeup brush collection had a 'decent selection of eye brushes' shaped hole that I needed to fill...

Here's a quick rundown of the brushes and their uses:

142 - Concealer Buffer: for applying and blending concealer
221 - Luxe Soft Crease: for blending out eyeshadow seamlessly through the crease
227 - Luxe Soft Definer: for softly blending and smoothing shadow across the lid
228 - Luxe Crease: for blending transition colours through the crease and brow bone (slightly more densely packed than the 221)
230 - Luxe Pencil: for applying and blending shadow or kohl liner to below the lower lash line or defusing colour on the top lash line
231 - Luxe Petit Crease: for accentuating and adding more depth to the crease area

232 - Luxe Classic Shader: for applying eyeshadow evenly and intensively on the lid
235 - Contour Shader: for emphasising the contours of the eye. Also good for adding intensity to the outer edges of the eye for a smokey look
238 - Luxe Precise Shader: for applying eyeshadow precisely. This is good for adding shimmer to the inner corner or for use with a loose glitter that you want to use in small quantities
310 - Spot Liner: for applying liner along the lash line precisely for intense volume. Also good for cleaning up under the brows with concealer
322 - Brow Line: for applying eyebrow product for perfectly shaped brows
325 - Luxe Brow Light: for applying highlight to the brow bone area. This would also work well as a base shadow brush or with a eye shadow primer to make sure it is completely buffed in

These brushes have a very feminine look and feel to them. They look really pretty stood all together in a glass jar on my vanity table and everybody has been asking about them recently!

The brushes are all very soft and easy to blend with. They are cut really nicely and the tapered brushes fit perfectly into the socket to ease the blending & buffing process.

I have been a Zoeva fan for the longest time and this purchase has only encouraged that obsession more. I highly recommend getting your hands on some of their brushes and maybe even one of their eyeshade palettes to go with them!

Shona x

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Summer Cheek Edit

At long last, the sun has made an appearance in the UK and the weather has started to resemble summer for at least a few days a week!

This means one thing and one thing only, breaking out the summer beauty products that you can't quite get away with wearing when its raining throughout the rest of the year...

Although I generally keep my everyday makeup look similar throughout the year, a change in season allows me to change up the shade or type of product I reach for.

Naturally, come summertime I like to go in fierce with the bronzer as well as using false tan to ensure I am always bronzed. I recently picked up the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in the shade 'beached'.

First of all, the packaging is probably the most summery thing I've ever seen. As well as being packaged beautifully this bronzer is such a perfect shade and is super soft and easy to blend.
I apply mine with a fluffy Real Techniques Multitask Brush to make sure that I get a blown out, all over glow from it rather than a defined contour. 

The bronzer itself is slightly difficult to describe. In the pan, it looks like its a matte brown shade but when you buff it into the skin a really gorgeous gold sparkle comes through. The shimmer is super subtle, meaning it adds a sun kissed look whilst still being subtle enough to look natural.

I always feel like such an old lady commenting on the functionality of a product but this bronzer has a full pan sized mirror inside it which is super handy for on-the-go application and travelling. Another great reason for you to purchase it!

I don't tend to wear a lot of blush. I'm much more of a bronzer girl, but a few months ago I purchased MAC's blush in Melba and I absolutely love it!

I came across the shade when Shani Grimmond used it in one of her YouTube videos and it looked like such a nice subtle shade, perfect for me to try out as someone who doesn't wear a lot of blush. 
Since then, Melba has become my everyday blush. It is a really soft coral, peach colour that compliments any bronzy look perfectly.

One thing to note if you buy this blush is that it is super, super pigmented, so unless you want a rosy cheek doll look, then make sure you only pick up a small amount of product and you tap off the excess!

A summer cheek isn't complete without the final piece of the trio... HIGHLIGHT!

I am a highlight addict, I just can't get enough of them. Even when my cheekbones are lighting up the room, it still isn't enough!

One of the first highlights that made it into my collection and now one of my favourites, is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle

Soft & Gentle is described as a 'gilded peach bronze' and I couldn't put it better. The reason I love this so much is because it is super pigmented and easy to build up to create a strong glow.
The colour changes slightly in different lights which I love! If you wear this in flash photography it give such a gorgeous pearlescent finish.

Another great thing about this product is that the pan is huge! I can't image I will ever hit pan on this as it is a domed product so no matter how heavy you go in with it, it never seems to budge!

These 3 products are my go to combo for a gorgeous summery glow and I just can't get enough of it!
Bronze, peach and glow... what more could you possibly need to brighten up your look even when the weather is trying to kill those vibes!

Let me know if you have a staple summer product, a highlight, bronzer or blush that you love. I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below.

Shona x

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit & Metal Review

You are probably aware that getting your hands on a Kylie Cosmetics lip product is one of the most stressful things that can happen to any makeup addict. And if you're reading this then I'm going to assume you're a makeup addict and you're all too familiar with the disappointment of all of Kylie's products selling out in record times!

I had tried once or twice to get my hands on a Lip Kit in the first few launches and after having no luck I left it for a while. On a recent restock of the Lip Kits, which Kylie exclusively released the time for on her app, I poised myself for the battle, prepped my address and card details and boom... I had bought and received my confirmation email 2 minutes after the products launched. I did it! 

In my first successful mission I managed to get Candy K which was the lip kit I had wanted. A week later Kylie did another release of the Metal collection and again my lightening fast reactions meant I managed to get my hands on Heir. Both of the products I managed to purchase are the ones Kylie herself has claimed are her favourites, and I can totally see why!

First up, lets talk about shipping time. So I ordered Candy K the week before I ordered Heir. Candy K was shipped 4 days after the day I ordered it and Heir was shipped 3 days after but both packages arrived on the same day, meaning Candy K took 2 weeks to get to me and Heir took only 1 week. Generally this is quite good for shipping from America.

Both products came well packaged and contained a printed note from Kylie thanking you for your purchase. You can't expect her to write one of these out for each box so I think the printed version is a really nice idea and adds a real personal touch to the delivery. The lip logo on the front of the message card is also really cute and would look great in a photo frame on a vanity table.

Moving onto Candy K... This is a lot more of a dusky pink than I thought it was when I ordered it. From what I had seen in swatches it looked a lot more nude than it actually is but I do still love it. I'm not a pink girl so the idea of pink lipstick is daunting for me, but this is a really dusky, quite dark pink tone which I think looks good on my skin tone. It turns out I really love it!

As a general Kylie Jenner fan, I'm sort of expected to be a little bit bias with my opinion of her products but I can honestly say 100% genuinely that Kylie has created the best lip liner formula I have ever used! It is so creamy and buttery which makes it super easy to apply. You only have to press lightly when  applying for the colour payoff to be great and it doesn't feel drying or look patchy at all which some lip liners do. I would wear the lip liner on its own if I didn't want to go as pink and use the liquid lipstick.

The liquid lipstick formula is also incredible. The lipstick is quick drying and really creamy making it super easy to glide onto the lips and draw out the perfect lip shape, even if you over draw your lips.
Another thing that I love about this is that you are only meant to apply one thin layer to the lips and to be honest that is all you actually need which makes the product last longer. 
Once dry, the liquid lipstick does not budge! I had mine on for about 7-8 hours the other evening and it was still perfectly in place at the end of the night. Even when removing your makeup at night you really have to apply pressure to get the product off otherwise makeup wipes and remover just don't make a difference!

Heir is the lightest shade in the Metal collection from Kylie Cosmetics. I wanted this one as I have quite fair skin and this one seemed like the one that would suit me the most. All 3 Metals are super metallic but I really liked Heir as it is a light peachy colour with an iridescent gold metallic finish.

Just like Candy K, Heir also dries completely matte and stays on for ages! I do think the formula is slightly different which is understandable as the liquid is slightly grainier due to the metallic particles in it.

The shade is super gorgeous and looks slightly different in every light. The Metal range was originally brought out just before Coachella, making them immediately associated with festivals, but Heir has such a soft undertone colour that it could be worn whenever you wanted to just spice up your makeup look.

The Metals don't come with a lip liner and therefore are cheaper. I still need to try mine out over the Candy K lip liner to see what kind of colour that creates, I'm sure it will be amazing!

Finally, lets move onto the swatches so that you can see how beautiful the colours are for yourself:

One bit of criticism I do have of the lip products is that there isn't anything in the top of the bottle that scrapes the excess product off of the wand like some glosses & lipsticks have. This means that there is always lipstick all the way up the wand and the applicator wand itself always picks up too much product which just seems like a waste and can also be quite annoying when you accidentally apply too much to the lip. This is something that could be easily fixed and I really hope they do as it would make the lipsticks a 10/10.

Despite this little niggle, I will definitely be trying to get my hands on a few more shades, mainly Dolce K and the newest shade added to the collection, Exposed.
If you are looking for a new liquid lipstick then I would defiantly recommend trying to get your hands on one too. I know it's a lot of fuss, but when you get one it's so worth it!!

I would love to know which shades you guys want to try out or have already managed to get, leave your comments in the box below and I'll be sure to reply!

Shona x

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

EX1 Foundation & Concealer Review

I first heard about the brand EX1 when YouTuber Chloe Morello used it in one of her tutorials. After looking it up and watching a few reviews on it I discovered that Kylie Jenner uses this foundation on a regular basis including in her recent Marie Claire cover shoot...

I bought 2 products from EX1 - their Invisiwear Foundation and their Delete Concealer which I wanted to use together to create a full coverage base.

Before you purchase either products I'm about to mention be warned that this is a makeup brand created for people with olive toned or darker skin, which I was not aware of when I purchased from this brand so just keep that in mind when choosing your shade if you have fair skin.

The first item I purchased was the Invisiwear Foundation in F200. This foundation is too dark for my skin tone, I went for the 2nd lightest shade available as I wasn't expecting the whole range to be generally more on the darker side but I was able to mix this in with my current foundation and make it work as I had fake tan on when I wore it.

When I first tried this foundation out I wasn't massively convinced I liked it due to the colour being off and the lack of moisture and oil in the product which I thought looked quite drying on my skin. Once I realised if I wanted to wear this foundation I would have to mix it with my L'Oreal True Match I completely changed my mind about it and now I actually really like it.

The foundation formula is quite thick and definitely needs to be applied on top of a moisturiser or primer to make it easier to glide over the skin otherwise it feels quite hard to blend and can cling to any dry patches on the skin. Not a good look!

I also think this foundation looks best when applied with a fluffy face brush rather than a beauty blender so that it can be properly buffed into the skin in circular motions for an even coverage.
The coverage is buildable and doesn't appear cakey as long as it is properly blended in each time you reapply. 

The best bit of the EX1 range is that it comes in copper and acrylic packaging which looks so gorgeous!

I also decided to pick up the Delete Concealer from EX1 to try that out whilst I was at it.
Again this is designed for people with darker skin tones than me, but I'm actually really glad this is quite orange on me as it now means I have an orange concealer that I can use to cover imperfections on my skin under my foundation.

The concealer has quite a light coverage and adds only a slight hint of colour unless it is built up. This has a much more creamy formula and is a lot easier to blend out than the foundation is, making it easy to apply under the eyes and around the nose where sometimes concealers can sit in the lines of the skin.

I am yet to try the concealer out as a 'skin perfecting' product, concentrating it on blemishes, so I can't comment on how good it is at covering up areas of imperfection but I think it will work well especially on the dark areas under my eye that I want to counteract and hide.

If you have skin on the more tanned side and struggle to find base products to match your skin tone then I would definitely suggest trying out this brand. 

From wearing these products over the last week I can definitely say that they do have great staying power and don't fade or slide off throughout the day. I did find that mixing this foundation with my current foundation made my L'Oreal True Match even more long lasting than it normally is.

If you have tried anything from the EX1 range then let me your thoughts! I am really keen to try out some of their brushes next!

Shona x

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Feelunique Haul & First Impressions

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I have found myself on Feelunique with a basket full of items that I don't really need and shouldn't really be spending my money on...

This time I managed not to impulsively purchase the whole basket and instead whittled it down to a few items I had seen in the bloggersphere and wanted to try out for myself.

The first thing I bought could be seen more as a 'necessity' rather than an research purchase (who am I kidding). If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that Benefit Roller Lash is my favourite mascara so when I ran out my supply of it I had to repurchase.

If you want to read my full review on Roller Lash then you can do here. All I need to say is if you haven't already tried it then you NEED to!

Over the last month I have seen the new Urban Decay Beached Bronzer on every blog that I read. Everyone seems to be loving it and that includes me. 

First of all, the packaging is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The compact is decorated with tropical palm trees and the pan of the bronzer is rose gold! I mean how could it get any better? Well I'll tell you how, apart from the product itself being amazing, it comes in a reflective silvery green box that also has palm trees on!

The bronzer comes in 2 shades - 'Sun Kissed' & 'Bronzed' - I went for 'Bronzed' as I prefer my bronzers to be a little more on the darker side rather than so orange so that I can use it when I am tanned and it still makes a noticeable change to my makeup look.
The colour is a really pretty light beigey brown with light reflecting pigments in which gives the bronzer a really natural glow. The powder itself is finely milled and super blend able and easy to use on your face and body.
There is also a full size mirror inside the compact which makes it so handy to take with you if you often apply your makeup on the go.

The next thing I picked up was the Fleur de Force Eyeshadow Quad in Cosmic Bronze.
This was in the sale for only £4.80 when I got it and that was really the main reason I wanted to try it out. I love neutral eye makeup and I tend to stick to bronze and copper tones on my eyes.

The shadows are actually a really nice formula, not that I wasn't expecting great from Fleur, but for the price I am really impressed.
The colours in the quad are really versatile and I have been using all four colours to create one everyday look but they could be equally great if used in different looks whether it be softer or more of an intense night time look.

The pigmentation of the shadows means they are super easy to pick up on the brush and they blend out onto the eyelid really nicely. The colour pay off is also really impressive (especially on the darkest brown shade) as I have found I only need to touch the shadow with my brush lightly and still tap off the excess to get the perfect amount.
Overall I am really loving this quad and I may even purchase the other one which comes with slightly more rosey/lavender shades.

If you have ever purchased from Feelunique you will know that if you spend over a certain amount of money, they allow you to choose some free sample products to include with your order.

This time I chose a perfume and a cleanser, both under 20ml so perfect for travelling or taking in an overnight bag or even a handbag on a night out.

The perfume is the Elie Saab - Le Parfum (0.8ml). Describing perfume is definitely not my strong point but this has quite a strong floral, woody tone which I actually really like.

The website says the "top note opens on a sun-kissed, radiant orange blossom, as an ode to light" which as much as I don't really understand how fragrances are professionally described I do agree that this has an orange blossom, warming scent.

The second sample I chose was the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foam Gel (15ml). 
This is a facial wash for oily skin that gently cleanses and buffs away at the skin thanks to the foaming qualities of the product without having exfoliating beads which can sometimes become too harsh on the skin if used daily, especially for those with more sensitive skin.

The website also states that the cleanser "helps to eliminate impurities" which I can't agree to just yet as I don't think I have been using this for long enough. I do however think it leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean which is always a good sign!

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have tried any of these products or if you have any other products that you think I should try out and review here on my blog, I love hearing from you.

Shona x

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Blanc Type

White is such a versatile colour and can be dressed up or down in so many ways - go casual with white trainers and jeans or dress the colour up with a white jumpsuit or dress and heels. 

I also love white for the simple reason you can experiment with colour elsewhere, like your jewellery, shoes, handbag or even your nail colour. You could also incorporate white into your look by adding it into these items alone and going a little bit more colourful with the full look.

My main inspiration for this post came from a few Swedish fashion bloggers who keep their Instagram pages to such a strict white theme that I massively envy! So I thought I would show you some items online at the moment that I have been loving so that you too can be inspired!

Handbag; Primark - LA Colours Nail Varnish; eBay - Dior Nail Varnish; no longer online

Caged heels are such a huge trend at the moment and the fact that you can pair them with such a massive variety of outfits, from jeans to dresses, makes them such a great style of heel to go for.

I went for a swoon product this time that I have had my eye on for a while. They are the Gianvito Rossi Cutout Leather Sandals in white. These are such a statement item and would look amazing with a nude/blush midi skirt and a slightly different nude shade high next bodysuit. These shoes are definitely made to be the part of the outfit you want people to notice so sticking with neutral colours works best I think.
I know these are very expensive and you can get similar style shoes in high street stores like the ones here but if you are looking into treating yourself then this is a good place to start.

Fashion line Ivy Park, co-owned by Beyoncé, recently launched in Topshop. The collection was very sports based with most pieces in the collection are made from materials that are breathable and easy to move in. Some of the items are multi-functional such as this White Hexagon Bomber Jacket.
This bomber is such a great piece that could be worn in a casual style with jeans and trainers or it could be worn over a body con mini dress, off the shoulder with barely there heels. Very Kim K!

Next up is a Tuxedo Long Sleeved Playsuit from NaaNaa Clothing. As much as I think the blazer dress trend has sort of been and gone, I also feel like it's not completely over. 
The blazer dress is such a great way of bringing together a classic look with sophisticated lines and a super sexy vibe. The low cut and short length give this outfit an edge that you just don't get from a regular suit whilst keeping the classy look with the boxey shape and elegant detailing on the buttons and what makes this even better is that this is actually a playsuit making it comfier and easier to wear.

House of CB London is one of my favourite websites to browse on when I am looking for a dressy outfit for events or more formal occasions.
They make the most beautiful dresses, bodysuits and jumpsuits in so many colours and materials and I would definitely recommend the brand for great quality clothing for special occasions.

I have picked two items from House of CB...

First up is the 'Sammy' Off White Wide Leg Jumpsuit. I love this so much as it combines three things I love, mesh, high necks and clean strong lines.
The roll neck mesh top is a super sexy addition to the look and would look great with a strappy white bra let underneath. The long wide leg trousers balance out the risqué top making it a lot more suitable to wear to many more events.

Finally, the 'Tallisa' White Suedette High Neck Dress. Again this is such a combination of things I love. 
The lace up detail across the dress is a great sexy detail to the dress, giving it something extra and making it stand out as more than just a white dress.
I would style this with strappy heels because thats just my go to heel style but you could go for a brighter colour on the handbag and shoes if you wanted too. 

I hope this post gave you a starting point for your next online splurge, even if you don't break the bank and go for the heels.

Let me know what trends you are into at the moment and feel free to let me know your favourite online clothing stores as I would love to check them out.

Shona x
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