Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas in London

Ahhh London. Everyone you speak to has a different view on this vibrant city. There's no denying this city has a love/hate feeling about it.

Admittedly, London was never somewhere that I was desperate to visit. I'd heard about the great shopping, music scene, food and atmosphere but none of that convinced me. 

Last weekend I went to London on work for just one night. Without sounding completely predictable, I completely fell in love with the city. It's likely visiting so close to Christmas helped me to do so, but even without the festive cheer, there is no denying London is such an eye opening cultural city all tied up in a quirky little package.

Every street has a different vibe, an unusual independent store and a compelling band busking all merged together to create the most vibrant awakening feeling. The whole time I was in London I was walking around like a little meerkat just trying to take everything in. 

It feels like such a cliche, but London honestly is beautiful, poetic and quite simply like nothing I have ever seen before. People are completely comfortable with who they are. You see people of all shapes and sizes, wearing the most outlandish outfits or rocking the most unusual hairstyles but it works! It really works!

Although I wasn't there for very long, I feel like I saw and did a lot. From the most incredible lunch at Gaucho to cocktails in a little Mexican grill in Soho. From looking around the quirky t-shirt shops in the back streets to visiting Selfridges. I gazed into just how versatile London really is. 

I sat in Convent Garden and listened to an opera singer, I walked through Oxford Circus and listened to a busking hip hop band, both of which I loved as much as each other. I feel like London opened my eyes to the world and the people in it. Seeing people doing what they love made me realise that's exactly what I should do.

Not only did London give me this great cultural experience, it also made me feel festive for the first time this Christmas. It wasn't until the fake snow was falling on my face whilst I was traipsing around Oxford Street that I actually felt that childhood excitement for Christmas again.

If you're ever feeling like you need a revival, like you're lacking something and you don't know what - walk around London for a day and I guarantee you'll find everything you are looking for and much much more.

My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures, however that does give me an excuse to go back!

I now see why London is seen as one of the best cities in the world.

Shona x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palettes have been a staple product for every beauty mad girl for a few years now. If you're not into the neutral tones of the Naked Palettes then the Naked Smokey Palette may be just the one for you!

For a start the casing of this palette is divine! The palette is covered in a monochrome smokey print with the brand and palette name embossed in silver across the front. *dreamy*

The Naked Smokey palette is a much cooler toned set of colours ranging from beige to black, but made up of mostly darker shades. There is a definite muted grey theme to the whole palette.

I have never owned any other Urban Decay palette, but I have read some other reviews which have said the eyeshadow formula of this palette is different to the others. I did notice when using the brush that comes with the palette that picking up product can be difficult, you seem to swipe around the shadow a lot without really having much colour pay off. I'm not too sure if this is the fault of the shadow formula or the brush as I haven't used either without the other.

I never usually use brushes that come in palettes, but this one looks really high quality and the shape of the brushes are really impressive and nothing like the regular sponge applicators you see. The brush is dual ended; on one end you get a fluffy crease/blending brush and on the other end is a smaller, more densely packed pencil brush/defining brush for your crease or bottom lash line. I was presently surprised by this!

The shades are arranged from the most shimmery to the least shimmery and then the matte shades. I personally love the colour selection offered, there are a few gold toned colours in the shimmery section which then moves into silvers, greys and blacks which I think would look amazing over the festive period!
I'm actually excited to use this palette as I normally don't venture outside neutral tones but I think having this palette will encourage me to experiment more and create more interesting looks.

Some people say this palette is slightly over priced, in personal opinion it isn't any more expensive than any other eyeshadow palette from a higher end beauty brand. You can find it online anywhere from £32 - £38.

This would make such a great gift for any girls that love makeup, the palette is gorgeous, the shades are super wearable and it's also a really nice item to receive! 

Let me know if you have tried this palette out or if you have tried any other Naked Palettes!

Shona x
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