Monday, 28 September 2015

Collection Contour Kit Review

Contouring is one of life's great tricks.

Amongst the high end contouring kits there are high street brands emerging with dupes that could rival the Laura Merciers and Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Okay, so maybe they might not always be great but every now and then you'll find a gem with all the right things to make it the kit of choice and keep some pennies in your purse.

I recently came across the Collection Contour Kit Highlight & Sculpt set.

The duo has a really nice white based champagne coloured highlight, however unlike most pale highlights it isn't chalky and doesn't leave a floury appearance on the skin. The glitter particles in the highlight are super finely ground so they show up in light (and photographs) but not on the skin as a layer.

The bronzer in this duo is a really nice softer brown shade perfect for paler skins or as a base to your contour before building it up with a more intense shade. The reason I love this so much though, is because it's perfect for an everyday make up look as it doesn't give you a muddy look or a contour that is too intense. 

As far as I know this only comes in one shade, so if you have dark skin this probably won't be great as both the highlight and contour are quite light tones.

The best bit of this set, it's only £4.19 which is even cheaper than the Sleek Makeup trio which is also great but I think they are near enough the same in terms of pigmentation and colour payoff!

Let me know what your favourite is and if you have tried this duo yourself!

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