Thursday, 6 August 2015

Buying Makeup From eBay...

Switching up makeup looks and trying out new products or brands can be an expensive habit, that's why occasionally I turn to eBay to get myself a deal so I can experiment and protect my bank account!

eBay can be great for purchasing makeup items from well known brands for a discounted price either second hand or brand new! I am yet to buy a used beauty product from eBay as I'm just not too sure about how I feel about that, but when it comes to branded products I will always check it to see if I can get a better deal online than I can in town or on other beauty websites!

I bought my latest Real Techniques purchase from eBay brand new for nowhere near as much as it is in the town where I live. I've done a review of this in a previous post you can check it out here.

Recently though, I wanted to increase my selection of matte eyeshadows in my collection and seeing as I couldn't find a completely matte palette online without an extortionate price tag to match I thought I would get one off eBay to test the colours out and see if I liked the shades before indulging and going for something more expensive.

I was sooooo shocked with the quality of the product I received. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and almost creamy when swatched and they blend out so nicely! I am absolutely loving the palette I chose and can't believe how great it is for the money.

Okay, so the palette casing isn't great and the way it was packaged on delivery didn't prevent one eyeshadow from cracking (as you can see in the images) but I don't really feel I can complain seeing as I only paid £0.99 for it... Okay, slight catch (like barely even a catch) the P&P was £1.79 but together that is still £2.78 (I did still use a calculator for that oops) which is so much cheaper than anything you could even find in a drug store that matches this quality.

You can find the exact product I ordered here.

I mainly ordered this palette for the auburn/red toned eyeshadow in the centre as I had never used a colour like this before and really wanted to give it a try on my green eyes! Turns out I love it, just like I love all of the colours in the palette!

I have recently been loving wearing an all matte eye look especially for days when I'm super busy and don't have much time in the morning as you can just run a base colour along the entire lid and then take a brown through the crease and you're done! If you have a little bit longer you can then take the black (or a dark brown if you prefer a softer look) along the lash line to give the impression of thicker lashes.. It really is that simple!

There are still a few colours I haven't got around to using but from the consistency and pigmentation of the other shadows I know they will work just as well!

Overall, I think purchasing beauty items from eBay is something many people think is a bit risky and to be honest I thought that too before I found this palette. I think as long as you read reviews and understand what it is you're buying then you can't go wrong.
Sometimes you may have to contend with a slightly damaged casing or packet or even in the odd occasion a slightly damaged product, but if you're only spending a little bit of money it shouldn't be something that ruins the experience for you.

I am going to continue to order the odd bit from eBay, probably even sticking with the same seller I used this time as I'm really happy with the product and I can do more of these types of posts in the future!

Let me know what you think... Have you ever tried ordering makeup from eBay and what did you think of it? Also let me know suggestions of other sites where you can get beauty basics at discounted prices as I'm sure everyone would appreciate that!

Thanks for reading!

Shona x
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