Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Safe Alternative to the Kylie Jenner Challenge!

Seeing as the Kylie Jenner challenge is sweeping across social media, it was inevitable that people would start taking it to the extreme!

Instagram and Twitter are now full of images and videos of girls and guys attempting the challenge and causing bruising and severe swelling to their mouths and faces. 

I hate to sound like I'm moaning because I love the larger lip makeup looks just as much as the next person, but one thing I have learnt from watching these videos is there must be a safer way to achieve the look!

After looking around online for alternatives I came across the company fullips who have created a Full Lip Enhancer device that gives you same plumped up pout but without any of the pain or bruising that the Kylie Jenner challenge has caused and without the lengths of surgery that other people turn too.

Image from the fillips Instagram @fullipsenhancer

The fullips lip enhancing tool was actually created by Linda Gomez, to help women who have noticed their lips thinning out as they age. However, the companies Instagram is now full of people using the fullips tool rather than the dangerous methods people are using on social media.

The enhancers come in different sizes (small, medium and large) and can be used to get each individual desired look. Here's how it works:
  • The smallest enhancer is best used for women that want to target a specific area of their lips. The small shape means it doesn't work well for plumping the whole mouth at once and is best used on targeted areas and building up the lips in smaller stages to achieve the desired look.
  • The medium enhancer is used for plumping up the lip area but still leaving the surrounding mouth area looking the same. This is because of the narrow oval shape which is perfect for just the lips.
  • The large enhancer is a round shape, different from the others oval shape, and is used to plump up the whole mouth and the area just around the mouth. This enhancer shouldn't be used for specific targeting as it is too large and will plump up more than is required. This enhancer is perfect for somebody with larger lips wanting to plump them further. 
The fullips tool can be purchased in small, medium and large to create any desired effect!

All of the fullips lip enhancing products can be purchased from their website: here

I think this is a great product for people who want to get the 'Kylie Jenner' look without leaving themselves marked or swollen.

So keep your lip game strong but be careful!

Thank you for reading!

Shona x


  1. Nice solution. Great post and blog :)

  2. This makes so much more sense and your lips look lovely before and after!


    1. I thought it made much more sense too! These images are actually from the fullips Instagram, I wanted to show people exactly what the tool does!

      Thanks for your comment! :)


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