Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Holiday Essentials

I am lucky enough to be heading off on a hot holiday to Cuba soon (ahhhhh!!) but one thing that I have been stressing over is what to take with me...

I want to take everything I am going to need but I really don't want to overpack and end up taking outfits I don't even take out of the suitcase!

So, to help me with this dilemma I seem to be having (not exactly a bad thing to be struggling with, I know) I had a little look around a few blogs to get inspiration for the perfect packing!

Comfortable shoes
If you're like me and you enjoy having look around the place you are visiting and not just sitting in the resort the whole holiday then I advise taking comfortable shoes with you! Maybe even 2 pairs so that all outfits are covered! 
I know I am going to be doing a lot of walking, exploring the beaches and surrounding areas and even taking a trip into the old town of Havana to explore it there!
I can't stress the importance of comfortable shoes!

An outfit for the plane
There is nothing worse than getting on a long haul flight and being uncomfortable for the whole journey! I normally travel in jeans and take a comfortable paris of pyjama trousers or joggers to change into on the plane. I would suggest taking full length trousers to change into as the air conditioning on planes is sooo cold! *shivers*

I think this is quite an obvious one and there isn't really much to be said about it! I recommend taking bikinis that all have different straps on each one, maybe a halter neck bikini, a bra bikini and even a strapless bikini! This sounds ridiculous but it will help you to get a more even tan rather than wearing the same style the whole holiday and getting a super noticeable tan line!

Image from Pinterest... I am in love with this comfortable yet super chic outfit!
Maxi Dress
I like to take a longer dress with me as in the evenings it can sometimes get a bit colder! Not cold enough to get a coat or jacket but just a slight drop in temperature, enough to make you want a bit more skin covered. I also think maxi dresses are perfect for meals out and if your resort has a formal dress code for dinner as it allows you to still be nice and cool but also makes you look a lot more formal at dinner!

Apart from the fact wearing sunglasses and a nice outfit makes you feel like a celebrity, it is also really important to protect your eyes when you're in a country that has a much higher UV rate that where you live! Without sounding like I'm moaning, it is actually really important but that's not an issue because sunglasses look super glam anyway so nobody minds wearing them!

I like to take a big floppy hat with me, it looks a lot prettier than a cap and can be paired with every outfit from a dinner time playsuit to a casual sun dress. As well as this it's sometimes necessary to wear a hat just to get a bit of a break from the heat! I know I'll definitely be taking one with me!

So those are my holiday essentials, no doubt they will be bundled into my case along with 300 other unnecessary items!

Let me know if you have holiday essentials or if you want to recommend anything for me to take with me!

Thanks for reading!

Shona x


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Safe Alternative to the Kylie Jenner Challenge!

Seeing as the Kylie Jenner challenge is sweeping across social media, it was inevitable that people would start taking it to the extreme!

Instagram and Twitter are now full of images and videos of girls and guys attempting the challenge and causing bruising and severe swelling to their mouths and faces. 

I hate to sound like I'm moaning because I love the larger lip makeup looks just as much as the next person, but one thing I have learnt from watching these videos is there must be a safer way to achieve the look!

After looking around online for alternatives I came across the company fullips who have created a Full Lip Enhancer device that gives you same plumped up pout but without any of the pain or bruising that the Kylie Jenner challenge has caused and without the lengths of surgery that other people turn too.

Image from the fillips Instagram @fullipsenhancer

The fullips lip enhancing tool was actually created by Linda Gomez, to help women who have noticed their lips thinning out as they age. However, the companies Instagram is now full of people using the fullips tool rather than the dangerous methods people are using on social media.

The enhancers come in different sizes (small, medium and large) and can be used to get each individual desired look. Here's how it works:
  • The smallest enhancer is best used for women that want to target a specific area of their lips. The small shape means it doesn't work well for plumping the whole mouth at once and is best used on targeted areas and building up the lips in smaller stages to achieve the desired look.
  • The medium enhancer is used for plumping up the lip area but still leaving the surrounding mouth area looking the same. This is because of the narrow oval shape which is perfect for just the lips.
  • The large enhancer is a round shape, different from the others oval shape, and is used to plump up the whole mouth and the area just around the mouth. This enhancer shouldn't be used for specific targeting as it is too large and will plump up more than is required. This enhancer is perfect for somebody with larger lips wanting to plump them further. 
The fullips tool can be purchased in small, medium and large to create any desired effect!

All of the fullips lip enhancing products can be purchased from their website: here

I think this is a great product for people who want to get the 'Kylie Jenner' look without leaving themselves marked or swollen.

So keep your lip game strong but be careful!

Thank you for reading!

Shona x
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