Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas in London

Ahhh London. Everyone you speak to has a different view on this vibrant city. There's no denying this city has a love/hate feeling about it.

Admittedly, London was never somewhere that I was desperate to visit. I'd heard about the great shopping, music scene, food and atmosphere but none of that convinced me. 

Last weekend I went to London on work for just one night. Without sounding completely predictable, I completely fell in love with the city. It's likely visiting so close to Christmas helped me to do so, but even without the festive cheer, there is no denying London is such an eye opening cultural city all tied up in a quirky little package.

Every street has a different vibe, an unusual independent store and a compelling band busking all merged together to create the most vibrant awakening feeling. The whole time I was in London I was walking around like a little meerkat just trying to take everything in. 

It feels like such a cliche, but London honestly is beautiful, poetic and quite simply like nothing I have ever seen before. People are completely comfortable with who they are. You see people of all shapes and sizes, wearing the most outlandish outfits or rocking the most unusual hairstyles but it works! It really works!

Although I wasn't there for very long, I feel like I saw and did a lot. From the most incredible lunch at Gaucho to cocktails in a little Mexican grill in Soho. From looking around the quirky t-shirt shops in the back streets to visiting Selfridges. I gazed into just how versatile London really is. 

I sat in Convent Garden and listened to an opera singer, I walked through Oxford Circus and listened to a busking hip hop band, both of which I loved as much as each other. I feel like London opened my eyes to the world and the people in it. Seeing people doing what they love made me realise that's exactly what I should do.

Not only did London give me this great cultural experience, it also made me feel festive for the first time this Christmas. It wasn't until the fake snow was falling on my face whilst I was traipsing around Oxford Street that I actually felt that childhood excitement for Christmas again.

If you're ever feeling like you need a revival, like you're lacking something and you don't know what - walk around London for a day and I guarantee you'll find everything you are looking for and much much more.

My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures, however that does give me an excuse to go back!

I now see why London is seen as one of the best cities in the world.

Shona x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palettes have been a staple product for every beauty mad girl for a few years now. If you're not into the neutral tones of the Naked Palettes then the Naked Smokey Palette may be just the one for you!

For a start the casing of this palette is divine! The palette is covered in a monochrome smokey print with the brand and palette name embossed in silver across the front. *dreamy*

The Naked Smokey palette is a much cooler toned set of colours ranging from beige to black, but made up of mostly darker shades. There is a definite muted grey theme to the whole palette.

I have never owned any other Urban Decay palette, but I have read some other reviews which have said the eyeshadow formula of this palette is different to the others. I did notice when using the brush that comes with the palette that picking up product can be difficult, you seem to swipe around the shadow a lot without really having much colour pay off. I'm not too sure if this is the fault of the shadow formula or the brush as I haven't used either without the other.

I never usually use brushes that come in palettes, but this one looks really high quality and the shape of the brushes are really impressive and nothing like the regular sponge applicators you see. The brush is dual ended; on one end you get a fluffy crease/blending brush and on the other end is a smaller, more densely packed pencil brush/defining brush for your crease or bottom lash line. I was presently surprised by this!

The shades are arranged from the most shimmery to the least shimmery and then the matte shades. I personally love the colour selection offered, there are a few gold toned colours in the shimmery section which then moves into silvers, greys and blacks which I think would look amazing over the festive period!
I'm actually excited to use this palette as I normally don't venture outside neutral tones but I think having this palette will encourage me to experiment more and create more interesting looks.

Some people say this palette is slightly over priced, in personal opinion it isn't any more expensive than any other eyeshadow palette from a higher end beauty brand. You can find it online anywhere from £32 - £38.

This would make such a great gift for any girls that love makeup, the palette is gorgeous, the shades are super wearable and it's also a really nice item to receive! 

Let me know if you have tried this palette out or if you have tried any other Naked Palettes!

Shona x

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Balmain x H&M

The day has finally come... 

After 6 months of teaser trailers and celebrity endorsed videos from the likes of Kendall Jenner, the Balmain collection for H&M has officially launched!

First of all, I have to mention that it is still not cheap (at all!). There is a big change in price from an original Balmain collection, but for a H&M collab it's not going to be the high street steal that H&M normally is. A basic t-shirt will still set you back $35 with this being the cheapest option. Prices range  to over $600.

The collection, created by Olivier Rousteing, has retained as much luxury as possible whilst still trying to make the price tag a little bit less extravagant! They have switched up fabrics slightly and made the manufacturing techniques simpler to bring costs down. Embellished jackets and dressed, a staple of Oliviers designs for Balmain, have been toned down to also keep costs down.

The collection still contains some key items that Balmain is known for, including military jackets, blazers and structured dresses. Here a few of my favourites so far:

Mens Collection Bag $299
Mens Collection Shirt $69.99

As I am writing this (launch day - Thursday 5th Nov) the H&M website is down. There is a waiting list to get onto the site and once you are on you are limited to purchasing one of each style per person. I found this great website which has the whole collection on there to view with prices and some handy tips for getting your hands on them too.

What do you think of the collection? Have you managed to get your hands on any of the items? Let me know!

Shona x

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Knee High Boots

One of the best things about Autumn/Winter is knee high boots.

Every year the over the knee style is becoming more and more popular and I think A/W '15 has really stepped it up!

Everyone is wearing them and there are so many styles and colours out there, covering all budget ranges...

Shona x

Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots here - £595

Carvela Sammy Boots here & here - £190

Cheaper Alternatives:

In The Style Remi Boots here, here, here & here - £44.99

Public Desire Laurel Boots here, here & here - £39.99

Friday, 9 October 2015

Style Picks

I'm going to start something new on my blog... I spend so much time on social media and save so many pictures I love I thought it would be nice to start sharing them with you...

All pictures can be found on my Pinterest here

As you'll be able to see, it's very ripped jeans and black leather themed!

Shona x


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Drugstore Base Essentials

The base is the key to any makeup look, whether it's a light base for a vampy lip and dark eye look or a heavier base for an ultra glam look, the foundations of the makeup is one of the most important parts to get right.

I love experimenting with makeup looks and spending my free time trying out new colours and designs, but one thing I always tend to keep the same is the products that contribute to my base.

L'Oreal has claimed the main spot in my makeup drawer as my base brand of choice, with an exception from this for a brilliant concealer! Here are the 4 products I turn too no matter what the occasion:

L'Oreal True Match Crayon Corrector - in 20 Vanilla - This is a super bendable, creamy concealer stick that I like to use before my foundation to even out my skin tone and colour correct my under eye area where I have some slight discolouration. The product is really creamy and once drawn on blends out really nicely, especially when blended with your fingers as the heat from your body makes it even more creamy and light. 

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - in 3.R/3.C Beige Rose - This has been my go to foundation for about 3 years now, mainly down to Nicole Guerriero who raved about it in a few of her tutorials. I tried it and haven't looked back since. It is super bendable but has a really decent coverage, I can apply it lightly and it covers my skin enough to give me a really natural soft looking complexion or I can build it and get a heavy coverage that stays put all night without looking cakey. This is my go to foundation for every look! The packaging has changed recently, it now comes in a more squared bottle which I really like.

L'Oreal True Match Perfecting Concealer - in 2 Vanilla - This isn't the best coverage concealer, but I love using it as a brightening touch under my eyes. I normally add it onto my underage over my Maybelline concealer (below) before blending it all together with my beauty blender. This combination gives me the perfect coverage and brightness to completely cover my under eye discolouration.

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye - in Light - This may be the odd one out of the bunch, being Maybelline, but it is by no means the least impressive. This concealer is absolutely amazing! I love concealers that are creamy enough to blend out in a triangle under my eye without leaving it look cakey whilst also making sure it cover the area I am trying to conceal. This does exactly that. This has an amazing level of coverage, and although I add another concealer over the top to add brightness, this works really well on it's own too! I love the applicator as it is like a blending sponge that the product comes through meaning it is applied really softly onto the delicate area of your eye. I can't say enough good things about this, it has to be my most recommended product to my friends!
Have you got any products you use all the time and love? Leave a comment below and I'll try them out!

Thank you for reading,

Shona x

Monday, 28 September 2015

Collection Contour Kit Review

Contouring is one of life's great tricks.

Amongst the high end contouring kits there are high street brands emerging with dupes that could rival the Laura Merciers and Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Okay, so maybe they might not always be great but every now and then you'll find a gem with all the right things to make it the kit of choice and keep some pennies in your purse.

I recently came across the Collection Contour Kit Highlight & Sculpt set.

The duo has a really nice white based champagne coloured highlight, however unlike most pale highlights it isn't chalky and doesn't leave a floury appearance on the skin. The glitter particles in the highlight are super finely ground so they show up in light (and photographs) but not on the skin as a layer.

The bronzer in this duo is a really nice softer brown shade perfect for paler skins or as a base to your contour before building it up with a more intense shade. The reason I love this so much though, is because it's perfect for an everyday make up look as it doesn't give you a muddy look or a contour that is too intense. 

As far as I know this only comes in one shade, so if you have dark skin this probably won't be great as both the highlight and contour are quite light tones.

The best bit of this set, it's only £4.19 which is even cheaper than the Sleek Makeup trio which is also great but I think they are near enough the same in terms of pigmentation and colour payoff!

Let me know what your favourite is and if you have tried this duo yourself!

Thanks for reading

Shona x


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Buying Makeup From eBay...

Switching up makeup looks and trying out new products or brands can be an expensive habit, that's why occasionally I turn to eBay to get myself a deal so I can experiment and protect my bank account!

eBay can be great for purchasing makeup items from well known brands for a discounted price either second hand or brand new! I am yet to buy a used beauty product from eBay as I'm just not too sure about how I feel about that, but when it comes to branded products I will always check it to see if I can get a better deal online than I can in town or on other beauty websites!

I bought my latest Real Techniques purchase from eBay brand new for nowhere near as much as it is in the town where I live. I've done a review of this in a previous post you can check it out here.

Recently though, I wanted to increase my selection of matte eyeshadows in my collection and seeing as I couldn't find a completely matte palette online without an extortionate price tag to match I thought I would get one off eBay to test the colours out and see if I liked the shades before indulging and going for something more expensive.

I was sooooo shocked with the quality of the product I received. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and almost creamy when swatched and they blend out so nicely! I am absolutely loving the palette I chose and can't believe how great it is for the money.

Okay, so the palette casing isn't great and the way it was packaged on delivery didn't prevent one eyeshadow from cracking (as you can see in the images) but I don't really feel I can complain seeing as I only paid £0.99 for it... Okay, slight catch (like barely even a catch) the P&P was £1.79 but together that is still £2.78 (I did still use a calculator for that oops) which is so much cheaper than anything you could even find in a drug store that matches this quality.

You can find the exact product I ordered here.

I mainly ordered this palette for the auburn/red toned eyeshadow in the centre as I had never used a colour like this before and really wanted to give it a try on my green eyes! Turns out I love it, just like I love all of the colours in the palette!

I have recently been loving wearing an all matte eye look especially for days when I'm super busy and don't have much time in the morning as you can just run a base colour along the entire lid and then take a brown through the crease and you're done! If you have a little bit longer you can then take the black (or a dark brown if you prefer a softer look) along the lash line to give the impression of thicker lashes.. It really is that simple!

There are still a few colours I haven't got around to using but from the consistency and pigmentation of the other shadows I know they will work just as well!

Overall, I think purchasing beauty items from eBay is something many people think is a bit risky and to be honest I thought that too before I found this palette. I think as long as you read reviews and understand what it is you're buying then you can't go wrong.
Sometimes you may have to contend with a slightly damaged casing or packet or even in the odd occasion a slightly damaged product, but if you're only spending a little bit of money it shouldn't be something that ruins the experience for you.

I am going to continue to order the odd bit from eBay, probably even sticking with the same seller I used this time as I'm really happy with the product and I can do more of these types of posts in the future!

Let me know what you think... Have you ever tried ordering makeup from eBay and what did you think of it? Also let me know suggestions of other sites where you can get beauty basics at discounted prices as I'm sure everyone would appreciate that!

Thanks for reading!

Shona x

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Fate of The Future

The realisation that you're not where you thought you would be at a certain point in your life is one that can set you into panic within minutes.

If you're anything like me and you think excessively about your future and set expectations of yourself that quite frankly are ridiculously too high, then you need to read this...

You need to stop. This process is not good for you. 

I do this all the time, I plan something out in my head of where I want to be in 2 months, 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years etc. and think so deeply into things that I just end up over complicating it and setting myself goals that I just can't achieve when I put this much pressure on myself.

Having goals you realise are unachievable doesn't mean they will always be this way, it just means that right now it is not what is right for you... Don't set yourself a time limit, start to believe what is meant to happen will eventually happen and start to make positive decisions in your life without the pressure of making those decisions for specific reasons.

This can be applied to anything in life! A new car, a career change, a promotion in a current job, a new house, saving money, family... The list of things we plan for is so long!

It's all part of human nature and what we think is expected of us in our life time, but it is so important to know that there is so much more to life than doing something just to meet the expectations of you that weren't even thought up by you!

Sit down, think about where YOU would like to be in 10 years from now. Make a list of everything you would like to achieve and bullet point how you can achieve it and the look at this list every now and then to remind yourself of what is important to you!

Lately, I have been putting pressure on myself to achieve things I would like but can't particularly achieve right now. And that's okay! You don't have to do something you don't want to and you certainly don't have to do anything that doesn't make you happy!

I'm going to make an effort to make a change to how I think and the goals I set myself. 

This post isn't about relinquishing any ambitions you have! It's about learning to aim for these goals with the right attitude and understanding that things will happen when the time is right and when they do happen you will know exactly why it has happened at that time in your life!

If you have the same issues as me and are changing things or even if you have your own way of setting goals for yourself then let me know, I would love to hear them!

Thanks for reading.

Shona x

Thursday, 16 July 2015

New Purchase | Real Techniques Nic's Picks Set

This is my confession... I am a Real Techniques addict.

I have always loved this brand of brushes as soon as I tried them and they have became my go to brush brand for everything from face to eyes and everything in between.

I have recently bought the Nic's Pick set which comes with 5 silver finished brushes.

The set is limited edition (although it has been out for ages and is still available online) and because of this the brushes are finished in this gorgeous mirrored effect.

I think one of the main reasons I love Real Techniques is that every brush comes labelled with how it was designed to be used, although this isn't the only way it can be used. For example, I use the pointed foundation brush (which I bought months ago) as a concealer brush because of it's precise cut meaning I can get right up close to the eye and get a great coverage with my concealer.

In this set there is a Duo-Fibre Face Brush which is designed to help achieve lightweight application and blending of face powders. The duo-fibre bristles are super soft and don't leave that scratchy effect that some powder brushes do. These are also super easy to clean and because the end of the bristle is white, it means you can really see when it needs cleaning (that's if you're like me and never clean your brushes as much as you're meant too!).

The Cheek Brush, this is an exclusive brush to this set. This evenly applies products like bronzer, blusher and highlighter along the cheekbone to achieve a more dramatic effect. This brush is slightly more dense which means it works just as well with creme products as it does with powder. 

The Angled Eye Shadow Brush, is the perfect shaped brush for adding definition to the crease of your eye because of its angled shape. It makes layering on a darker colour in the outside corner much easier, helping to create that smoky eye look in a much simpler way. This brush is probably my favourite in the set!

The Base Shadow Brush is for applying an even layer of shadow all over the eye as a base. It's great for applying a flawless foundation for the rest of your eye look, wether this be using creme eyeshadows or regular pressed.

Finally, The Angled Eyeliner Brush is the perfect size and shape to add detail to under the eye or for gel eyeliner along the lash line. The angled head allows for great control near the eyes. 

I already know I'm going to be ordering more brushes soon as I think it's something you can never have enough of!

Let me know what you're favourite Real Techniques brush or set is!

Thanks for reading!

Shona x

Monday, 13 July 2015

Top 12 Instagram Accounts

If there was a group for people who are overly addicted to Instagram, I would probably be running it!

Although I don't post all the time, I am ALWAYS scrolling through!

I love Instagram for the many different ways it can be used. I use it for fashion and beauty inspiration, looking through the photos of celebrities I am interested in, finding out about new brand and products I want to try and even following somebody on their journey through life in a visual way.

Here, in no particular order are my top 12 Instagram accounts that I check up on regularly.

Kayleigh Johnson - @kayleighjcouture
Kayleigh is a UK fashion and beauty blogger. She posts images on her Instagram of her style, her daily life and her journey in life such as moving into her new flat. Her images are gorgeously taken, light and airy and reflective of her blog.

Niamh Webb O'Rourke - @niamh_lovelife
Niamh is an Irish fashion student who also blogs about fashion. I love her Instagram for fashion and style inspo. She has the most amazing style and always gives detail of where her outfits are from. She is gorgeous and has always been super friendly when I have spoken to her about where she bought something!

Sarah Ashcroft - @sarahhashcroft
Sarah is the the fashion blogger that every fashion blogger loves! Her style is amazing and her 317k Instagram followers agree!
Sarah's photos are all gorgeously taken and she often posts images from her daily life in amongst her incredible style shots.

Tilly-Jayne - @tillyjayne_
Whenever I find someone new on Instagram, I'll follow them and then keep an eye out for their next few posts to make sure they're still putting up images I'm interested in seeing. Tilly most certainly passed this test! She is a fashion marketing graduate and she often posts clean, crisp images of her OOTD and shots from her daily life, from shopping to her adorable pet bunny!

Left to right, row 1 then 2: Kayleigh, Niamh, Sarah & Tilly

 Suzanne Jackson - @sosueme_ie
Suzanne is an Irish award winning blogger, author and columnist in the Irish Sun.
Her Instagram is a mish mash of images from he life, her travels and her style choices. She also often posts inspirational quotes of quote of the day type photos that I really enjoy.
Suzanne is very good at what she does and her Instagram reflects that wonderfully. She has even just launched her own beauty line called SOSU.

Hannah Michalak - @magsy24
Hannah is a well known blogger and blogger and a mummy to her adorable little boy Grayson.
Hannah's Instagram is like a visual story of her life, with beautiful family shots and images of her days out with her husband Stefan and their gorgeous little man!

Rachel Leary - @rachleary
Rachel is a UK beauty and fashion Youtube with a keen interest in all things beauty related. Rachels Instagram is beauty heavy, with images on new products she's trying, swatches and gorgeous images of her in makeup looks she has filmed a tutorial for. She also posts the occasional step-by-step photo for a make up look, which is super helpful!

Amra (Amrezy) - @amrezy
The nickname 'Glamrezy' is so accurate for this lady! Amrezy's Instagram is a platform for her to share her amazing outfit posts and make up looks! If you love Kim K's bodycon and minimalistic looks you will ADORE Amrezy! I can never help but get pulled into scrolling through her whole page overtime she posts a new photo! She truly is flawless!

Suzanne, Hannah, Rachel & Amrezy

Zoe Owers - @zoeowers
I'm going to be honest, I don't know much about Zoe. I don't know what she does, but I do know she is absolutely gorgeous and has recently shown the world (through Instagram) the best pregnancy figure I've ever seen! Amongst Zoe's outfit posts and she has also been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram and recently introduced her social family to her gorgeous baby girl Sofia.

Jay Alvarrez - @jayalvarrez
I found Jay's Instagram page when he came up on my Facebook homepage under the title 'impossibly beautiful couples travel shots'. And to be honest, thats exactly what Jay's Instagram is. Jay and his girlfriend Alexis Rene, travel the world together and document it on Instagram through beautiful shots of the world and themselves!

Nicole Guerriero - @nicoleguerriero
Nicole is a beauty vlogger from Florida, USA. She is a sassy and extremely glamorous lady who also happens to be probably my favourite Youtuber! Her Instagram is full of stills from her videos, incredible selfies, quotes, daily life pics and product imagery. She really is the full package and I love her!

Desi Perkins - @desimakeup
Desi is a beauty and fashion Youtuber with exceptional style and incredible Instagram photos!
She posts her own style and beauty images amongst pictures of her and her husband and stills of photo shoots she has down where she is looking fabulous! Just like Nicole, Desi is sassy and glamorous and those two things are ever a bad combination!

Zoe, Jay, Nicole & Desi

I hope you have enjoyed this breakdown of my favourite Instagrammers!

Let me know who your favourite accounts are and feel free to check out my Instagram to see how my images (poorly) compare! @missshonao

Thank you for reading!

Shona x

Monday, 15 June 2015

Cuban Time

First of all, I must apologise for being the worst blogger in history, these last few months! I have been super busy and after coming back from my holiday, had no time at all to finish college and then boom! Straight into work!

But fear not, I have found time tonight to get back into blogging and this should set me on my stride!

So, the main reason I had a break from blogging was the amazing holiday I went on to Cuba! I honestly don't even know what I can say about it! It's the most memorable holiday I have ever been on and Cayo Guillermo has fast become my favourite place on earth!

At the very top of Cuba there is a little peninsular, home to the beautiful resort beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. The resort where I stayed was in Cayo Guillermo and was one of the most perfect locations I have ever seen! I was spoilt for choice with a beach just 2 minutes walk from a gorgeous pool! 

Taking a walk along Cayo Guillermo beach
Surrounded by palm trees, with a PiƱa Colada in hand I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in heaven.
Everyone at my resort made us feel so welcome, especially the entertainment staff who always made sure we were having a great laugh!

There was no internet access, so I had a well appreciated break! Cuba is a place to forget about everything and relax, concentrate on yourself and enjoy your time on the beautiful beaches!

On my holiday, we did two things that I will remember for the rest of my life:

Visiting the famous city of Havana before it is Americanised 

I am so glad I have seen Havana for what it truly is before it becomes modernised and a place that doesn't have quite the same charm. Although it's obvious the country needs money to improve the infrastructure, it is also obvious the people there are happy just as it is and they make do with the little things they have that make them sincerely happy!

For me, the things that stood out the most was just how happy the Cuban people are. Walking through the streets of Havana and hearing Cuban music blaring from houses down the streets, everyone stood outside in the roads socialising and old cars from the 50's and 60's beeping their horns for no reason at all!

Swimming with Dolphins! *Eeek!*

It's no secret that swimming with Dolphins is on most peoples bucket lists and it was 100% on mine! I had seen Dolphins at an Aqua Park on a previous holiday, but I had always wanted to swim with them in the sea. 

You have to shout 'Taxi' and the Dolphins pull you through the water

A 5 minute drive from my hotel and we were at the Dolphin Centre, where people can come and interact, feed and swim with the dolphins. This was the most surreal experience!

I was in shock the whole time I think, I couldn't believe just how big these creatures were but also how friendly and agile they were! I was buzzing when it finished and couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the day, no matter how sick of hearing about it everyone else was! 
I am so glad I got the chance to do this on my holiday!

Let me know your favourite holiday memories in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Shona x


Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Holiday Essentials

I am lucky enough to be heading off on a hot holiday to Cuba soon (ahhhhh!!) but one thing that I have been stressing over is what to take with me...

I want to take everything I am going to need but I really don't want to overpack and end up taking outfits I don't even take out of the suitcase!

So, to help me with this dilemma I seem to be having (not exactly a bad thing to be struggling with, I know) I had a little look around a few blogs to get inspiration for the perfect packing!

Comfortable shoes
If you're like me and you enjoy having look around the place you are visiting and not just sitting in the resort the whole holiday then I advise taking comfortable shoes with you! Maybe even 2 pairs so that all outfits are covered! 
I know I am going to be doing a lot of walking, exploring the beaches and surrounding areas and even taking a trip into the old town of Havana to explore it there!
I can't stress the importance of comfortable shoes!

An outfit for the plane
There is nothing worse than getting on a long haul flight and being uncomfortable for the whole journey! I normally travel in jeans and take a comfortable paris of pyjama trousers or joggers to change into on the plane. I would suggest taking full length trousers to change into as the air conditioning on planes is sooo cold! *shivers*

I think this is quite an obvious one and there isn't really much to be said about it! I recommend taking bikinis that all have different straps on each one, maybe a halter neck bikini, a bra bikini and even a strapless bikini! This sounds ridiculous but it will help you to get a more even tan rather than wearing the same style the whole holiday and getting a super noticeable tan line!

Image from Pinterest... I am in love with this comfortable yet super chic outfit!
Maxi Dress
I like to take a longer dress with me as in the evenings it can sometimes get a bit colder! Not cold enough to get a coat or jacket but just a slight drop in temperature, enough to make you want a bit more skin covered. I also think maxi dresses are perfect for meals out and if your resort has a formal dress code for dinner as it allows you to still be nice and cool but also makes you look a lot more formal at dinner!

Apart from the fact wearing sunglasses and a nice outfit makes you feel like a celebrity, it is also really important to protect your eyes when you're in a country that has a much higher UV rate that where you live! Without sounding like I'm moaning, it is actually really important but that's not an issue because sunglasses look super glam anyway so nobody minds wearing them!

I like to take a big floppy hat with me, it looks a lot prettier than a cap and can be paired with every outfit from a dinner time playsuit to a casual sun dress. As well as this it's sometimes necessary to wear a hat just to get a bit of a break from the heat! I know I'll definitely be taking one with me!

So those are my holiday essentials, no doubt they will be bundled into my case along with 300 other unnecessary items!

Let me know if you have holiday essentials or if you want to recommend anything for me to take with me!

Thanks for reading!

Shona x


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Safe Alternative to the Kylie Jenner Challenge!

Seeing as the Kylie Jenner challenge is sweeping across social media, it was inevitable that people would start taking it to the extreme!

Instagram and Twitter are now full of images and videos of girls and guys attempting the challenge and causing bruising and severe swelling to their mouths and faces. 

I hate to sound like I'm moaning because I love the larger lip makeup looks just as much as the next person, but one thing I have learnt from watching these videos is there must be a safer way to achieve the look!

After looking around online for alternatives I came across the company fullips who have created a Full Lip Enhancer device that gives you same plumped up pout but without any of the pain or bruising that the Kylie Jenner challenge has caused and without the lengths of surgery that other people turn too.

Image from the fillips Instagram @fullipsenhancer

The fullips lip enhancing tool was actually created by Linda Gomez, to help women who have noticed their lips thinning out as they age. However, the companies Instagram is now full of people using the fullips tool rather than the dangerous methods people are using on social media.

The enhancers come in different sizes (small, medium and large) and can be used to get each individual desired look. Here's how it works:
  • The smallest enhancer is best used for women that want to target a specific area of their lips. The small shape means it doesn't work well for plumping the whole mouth at once and is best used on targeted areas and building up the lips in smaller stages to achieve the desired look.
  • The medium enhancer is used for plumping up the lip area but still leaving the surrounding mouth area looking the same. This is because of the narrow oval shape which is perfect for just the lips.
  • The large enhancer is a round shape, different from the others oval shape, and is used to plump up the whole mouth and the area just around the mouth. This enhancer shouldn't be used for specific targeting as it is too large and will plump up more than is required. This enhancer is perfect for somebody with larger lips wanting to plump them further. 
The fullips tool can be purchased in small, medium and large to create any desired effect!

All of the fullips lip enhancing products can be purchased from their website: here

I think this is a great product for people who want to get the 'Kylie Jenner' look without leaving themselves marked or swollen.

So keep your lip game strong but be careful!

Thank you for reading!

Shona x

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Do Something Everyday That Scares You...

This post is going to be slightly different from what I have previously been posting, it's more of a lifestyle & advice (almost) type of post.

I think life is all about making the most of the time that you have, seizing the opportunity and doing something that you have to push yourself to do. 
Some people are happy with a quite life, doing the same things every day, but for me I don't just think that's enough. I want to have something I am proud of, something I have worked hard for and something someone will remember me for. 

Doing things outside of your comfort zone is one of the most important things you could do in life. The feeling you get after you have achieved something you didn't think you could do is amazing!
I know for me I have recently started doing stuff that scares me. Everybody has different limits and fears, but finding something you are worried about doing and then making small steps towards doing it is such a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons. 

I think more and more in my generation there is such a fear of doing something because people are worried what others will say. I even get this thought myself, even when creating this blog I had second guesses because of what others might think. I would seriously urge every person to stop caring what others think of you and do what makes you 100% happy!

Life isn't about impressing others or conforming to a stereotype that just doesn't describe you! You need to make sure you have fun and take on challenges. It's so easy to look at everything you already have going on and just think 'I don't have time' but you always have time, that's actually all we have! I mean, yeah I know our time isn't promised but why not make the most of the time you do have and do something positive with your life. 

I have only recently started taking risks I didn't have the courage to do 3 months ago. This doesn't happen over night and it has taken me a while to convince myself that all of these scary situations I am putting my self in will be worth it and will pay off! 

In the last few months I have started to do things based on what is best for me and what makes me happiest. Yes, some people might say that is me being selfish but I think it's important to be selfish sometimes, you have to look out for yourself in this world because people won't do it for you!
I can honestly say after making decisions I once questioned, I am now so happy and 100% thankful I made the choice I did!

I don't think anyone can make you do something you don't want too, but I do think that encouraging yourself is the best way to better yourself!
I think if I could encourage people to do anything, it would be to work hard to achieve something that you want to do even if it scares you! Especially if it scares you!

If you have done anything you are proud of or have overcome a fear and done something outside of your comfort zone then let me know!

Shona x

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